12 thoughts on “Benny Benassi’s Spaceship, Ft Kelis, Apl de Ap and Jean Baptiste

  1. Also, that one guy was playing a moog, I want that.
    And, I like to think that the Kelis girl was sitting and got excited when she thought of the fly-high rhyme that echoed throughout the song.

    PPS: I like hating on these things. Wheres a synth blog that I can write for that will let me just hate on stuff?

  2. Songs like this just ruin the scene. Remember when Dance was cool (i.e. La Bouche, Corona, etc)? But then it got extra-cheesy with stuff like "Barbie Girl" (or anything else by Aqua), anything by Machoman or Vengaboys… and that was the end of Dance for a lot of people.

    What is Benny Bennassi trying to do now, kill House music?

  3. Shite. Where's the pumping side chaining him and his brother do? At least his old stuff, as cheesy as it was, had a their/his sound. This just sounds like tripe.

  4. Hahaha, this is the way to go! Show us how cheap and plastic broadband electronic music is. Fuck! Why let known "artists" be featured, when their voices are Autotunecrippled… that is so 2001.

  5. Breakdown:
    * Bassline: Decent enough
    * Builds: Weak layering
    * Lyrics: Somewhere between awful and pure tradgedy
    * Video: LOL they probably wouldn't even air this on SyFy.

    These guys should be ashamed of themselves for putting this out there.

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