Free Reason Tutorial On Live Sampling

This free Reason tutorial, via PropellerheadSW, takes a look at Live Sampling in Reason 5 & Record 1.5:

If it was good for Trevor Horn, The Beastie Boys, and pretty much every pioneering producer in the last 30 years… then it’s good for us too. Live Sampling is back in Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

But before you start pitching your burp noises up 3 octaves we thought we’d teach you the basics of the process.

10 thoughts on “Free Reason Tutorial On Live Sampling

  1. Go Commodore! I actually have one of those 1541 drives lying about somewhere in a box in my computer room.

    And once again another very nice Prophead video. I love their attention for detail which also features some (not too over the top) bits of humor.

  2. Nice idea to allow this kind of hardware sampler like working inside of Reason, but one thing seems to be missing: Start recording when threshold is exceeded. This is particularly useful for drum sounds unless you like to trigger a sample and wait some milliseconds for the sound starts.

  3. @Random Chance – Actually, it does it better in my beta testing. It starts recording from the get go and then automatically trims the start of the sample based on the threshold you speak of. That way, it doesn't miss an earlier part that occurred but didn't cross the threshold. You can see in the video that the guy's samples are automatically cropping once he hits stop. He doesn't have to wait some milliseconds like you say. My old S3000 had the threshold thing but if it doesn't start recording until that point you often missed the start of the sound. this way you can go in and trim back the automatic start point earlier if you want to.

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