Free VST Downloads That Offer ‘Brutal Power’

Free Music Software: In this video, every synth sound and every effect is done by a Togu Audio Line plug-in.

If you think that free VST downloads are all limited or weak-sounding, check out the ‘brutal power’ of the Togu’s free VSTs.

Togu’s Free VSTs include:

  • VST TAL-Filter
  • VST TAL-Reverb II
  • VST TAL-Elek7ro
  • VST TAL-Bitcrusher
  • VST TAL-Vocoder
  • VST TAL-U-No-62
  • VST TAL-BassLine
  • VST TAL-Tube
  • VST TAL-Flanger
  • VST TAL-Phaser
  • VST TAL-Dub
  • VST U-NO-60
  • VST Vintager
  • VST Chorus-60
  • VST Real Synth
  • VST Multi Filter

They are available as free downloads from the Togu site.

Check them out an let me know what you think!

via bedroomproducersCorruptNetwork:

I didn’t use any external FX, EQ or compression so what you hear is what you get. The raw TAL sound.

Perfomed, recorded and edited by aurex
Togu Audio Line –

10 thoughts on “Free VST Downloads That Offer ‘Brutal Power’

  1. This should be demonstrated in another DAW other than aBUGton Live.
    these VST's would sound much better than the horrible sounds using aBUGton Live.

  2. Their download section is indeed a bit flakey, some links even give you a 404. But in the overall I concur; this is good stuff. Funny thing during download; I recognized one of those plugins but wasn't too sure..

    Mystery solved; I have been using "TAL-Reverb v2" for quite some time now and it can really make a difference here and there. This is very good stuff to have.

  3. will look into it. seems decent. why do so many insist on using '90's techno for their demo. Can't anything else be done with technology?

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