The Radikal Technologies Accelerator Synthesizer (Video Preview)

This is an official teaser video for the Radikal Technologies Accelerator synthesizer.

The Accelerator is a new polyphonic that offers eight subtractive voices, that each feature three oscillators, two multimode filters, 6 envelope generators, three voice LFOs and one section LFO.

The Radikal Technologies Accelerator was originally expected to be available in June 2010. No pricing or availability has been announced at this time.


2 thoughts on “The Radikal Technologies Accelerator Synthesizer (Video Preview)

  1. As I posted elsewhere, ~1:02-1:09 sounds pretty digital to my ears. It's the same kind of give-away I hear on the Virus. I notice no picking up and shaking the synth in this video. Less focus on the gimmick now?

  2. I agree… It sounds digital throughout most of the demo… that doesn’t mean I don’t like it though… From what I can tell it sounds great… Very clean and sharp. Reminds me of a more expensive sounding nord.

    The kicker for me will be price and if the company can get their shit together. My spectralis was sold because it was released incomplete and missing a bunch of promised features. Updates were slow and sometimes made the synth less intuitive to use… Hopefully he has learned from the last product that his customers do not want an unfinished product.

    That said, They make good products. I hope he sells a billion of them…

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