3 thoughts on “Xils Labs PolyKB Synth Review

  1. Had me until the mention of iLok. Dongles should antiquated technology by now. The last thing I want is to dig around in my laptop bag for a dongle that I may or may not have packed, and then either use one of my two precious USB slots, or hook up a USB hub (that I may or may not have packed), all for one program whose makers are so paranoid at losing money and being pirated that they have to make the people who legitimately pay for the thing, suffer.

  2. Ditto iLok nightmare.
    Other than that, what a fantastic sound!!!! And it looks really nice too. It seems like the kind of bit of kit that one could happily play around with just by itself. And that guy who presents the SonicState stuff should be given a television presenting job because he's got a really likeable manner.
    I promised myself I'd not buy any more synths or soft synths – I've jsut spend the last six months getting rid of everything except a MonoEvolver and Logic 9 and Omnisphere. But this…
    And gorgeous little grooves on the demo. Kudos there too.

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