Svoy’s Beautiful Thing

This is the music video for Svoy’s Beautiful Thing, off of the album Automatons.


Direction: Who-fu (Magico + Masayoshi Nakamura)
Concept/Character design:Magico Nakamura
Animation:Masayoshi Nakamura
Additional Help: Anka Montovano, Marika Yamaguchi, Kaya Ono, Akira Uchinokura

12 thoughts on “Svoy’s Beautiful Thing

  1. i think it conveys a positive vibe (a little doh here). I find the video is ridiculous, but it is also cute and I really do like the song, catchy as f! and ah well, fuck it, it is summer and why not have a sweet tune like this to cheer you up? I don't like to see him though, he puts me off…Sorry dude. Nice drum programming!

  2. UGH!! WTF?? This is some of the worst, most auto-tuned, pathetic Owl City nonsense i've ever heard. Godawful music for schoolgirls. What's it doing here? I don't care if he uses a synth in it, make it stop!

    Talk about tenuous links…

  3. altough its pop to the core, almost a little giddy, i enjoyed watching and listening. not my usual listening choice, but i couldn't push stop

  4. I think he has a piece of tape over it. (To save Akai some shame, perhaps?) It's okay though, since he doesn't have a cable attached, and sucking at faking it – he might as well play a piece of cardboard with the keys drawn on it.

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