iPad Instrument Prog Jam

iPad Music Software: Marcus Padrini does his best to make the iPad safe for prog, with his iPad instrument version of dogma’s A Season For Unions.

iPad instruments used include:

  • MorphWiz
  • ProKeys
  • Pocket Organ
  • ouiLead
  • Nlog Synth

Details below.

via mvpadrini:

These are some of many music apps available for the iPad. Here I’m playing an excerpt of “A Season for Unions”. The original track was composed and recorded by Dogma, a progressive rock band from Brazil (more about: www.myspace.com/dogmaprog) in their first album (1992:Album).

Estes são alguns dos muitos aplicativos musicais para o iPad. Neste vídeo estou tocando um trecho de “A Season for Unions”. A faixa original foi composta e gravada pelo Dogma, banda de rock progressivo brasileira (saiba mais em: www.myspace.com/dogmaprog) em seu primeiro album (1992: Album).

Foram usados nesta gravação os seguintes instrumentos (apps):

Pocket Organ
Nlog Synth

Conheça mais sobre aplicativos para música em dispositivos móveis, acesse www.musicapps.com.br.

One thought on “iPad Instrument Prog Jam

  1. Nicely done, let's say that FIRST. Marcus did a good job. However, I feel like a Luddite, because all that button-pressing makes me feel ill at ease. That seems off-kilter when I use Logic and 3 hardware synths myself! I simply feel the lack of a certain human element in the music when it includes little to none of the sweat required to master a "real" instrument. Its subjective, but I do. OTOH, he played a real keyboard as part of the piece, so he wins a gold star for STARTING from the "right" place. That's what I keep hoping for: that people will use iPads and Monomes as adjuncts to keys, woodwinds or strings instead of as their only tools. When people blend their use, the results sound much better to my ear.

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