2nd Edition Manta Controllers Now Available, & Yes, They Are The Sexy

Snyderphonics’ Jeff Snyder has announced that the Manta 2 music controller is now available for order.

The Manta is a touch-sensitive controller for audio and video with a hexagonal layout and programmable LED feedback.

Changes from the first edition Manta include the following:

  • The LEDs are now bi-color (amber/red). The red LEDs can be controlled from the computer, in the default (locally-controlled) mode, only the amber LEDs are active.
  • There are now inset rubber feet on the bottom of the Manta.
  • A Max for Live patch written by Damon Holzborn is planned to be released soon.

The 2nd edition Manta has been made in a limited edition of 100.

Note: People like to hassle me for calling electronic music gear “sexy”, but  it’s great to see new controllers that are elegantly made, tactile and visually exciting. And why shouldn’t electronic instruments be as sexy as traditional ones?

Sexy Controller News, Pt II

Snyder’s also working on a add-on for the Manta, the MantaMate. It will allow for the Manta to be used without a computer, outputting CV, MIDI and OSC. It will also receive MIDI and OSC for LED control.

CV outputs include 4 16-bit outputs, 4 12-bit outputs, and 8 digital outs. Default configuration allows for 4-voice polyphony with polyphonic aftertouch.

Yes – that’s polyphonic modular synth control that is, how do we say, the sexy.

It’s scheduled for release around late August.

Image: parasitik

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