Gary Numan Plays “Cars” On 24 Car Horns

Who needs synthesizers? In this video, Gary Numan plays Cars on 24 car horns.

Yes – it’s a commercial for DieHard batteries – but it’s still clever and fun.

via, boingboingDIEHARD:

The power of one DieHard Platinum battery powers 24 cars without batteries, the man that invented electronic music, and his lights and keyboards. Bring on the groupies.

7 thoughts on “Gary Numan Plays “Cars” On 24 Car Horns

  1. Pretty dumb commercial IMO. I mean; playing several car horns and starting several cars is suppose to prove that such a battery can perform grotesque jobs? Sorry to burst the bubble; but my el-cheapo car battery can do that too.

    Power consumption from a single horn really isn't as much as insinuated. And starting multiple cars; if any normal battery couldn't do that there would be hell to pay. Even 30 years ago you could had situations where a car wouldn't start and people tried again, and again, and again, and again.

    Its a funny commercial, but has too much false information in it for my liking.

  2. There's no false information, they haven't said the batteries cure tuberculosis, all they have done is present them from a misleading angle.

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