Warning: This Free Propellerhead Reason Kong Tutorial May Make You Blow Coffee Out Your Nose!

Propellerhead seems to have had a lot of fun with their latest ‘micro tutorial’ for Kong in the upcoming Reason 5.

Watch out – one bit in particular may have you blowing coffee out your nose.

via PropellerheadSW:

Has music just not sounded the same to you since Miami Vice went off the air? Then you’re in luck! The synth drums in Kong bring analog drum sounds back to your music. Most analog sounds these days are sampled, meaning the sound you load is the sound you’ve got. In this micro tutorial you’ll see how easy it is to make wonderfully tweakable analog synth drums and assign them to your pads.

10 thoughts on “Warning: This Free Propellerhead Reason Kong Tutorial May Make You Blow Coffee Out Your Nose!

  1. Yes, this one (just like all micro tutorials so far) is filled with quite some humor. Though I personally liked the fun approach on the Neptune micro tutorial better.

    Still.. I've been so darn busy as of late re-starting my company that all my (heavily limited :() "synth time" went up on 3/4 M4L programming and 1/4 YouTube video's. And yes; mostly the Prophead vids, this is good stuff.

    Now, I'm a Live die-hard who expanded his set with Reason, lets skip the details, but I'm entitled to a free upgrade (and boy do I love it). Kong is awesome, alone well worth an upgrade IMO. Doing the velocity/pitch approach in Live? Not like this.. I think I'll manage with M4L eventually, but not like this.

    Now, maybe this is because I'm /very/ into "management" and "business strategies" myself right now, but I can't help admire the brilliance here.. Reason doesn't position itself as a DAW (maybe in combo with Record, but even then..) so doesn't try to "take on" the bigger names out there. YET still comes with features (like Kong) which deliver a mighty blow indeed.

    Instead it settles as back up (Reason is rewire slave only) for whatever DAW you have. You use BIG_ASS_DAW and want these capabilities? Buy Reason, rewire in and go!


  2. yeah, um… in practice, when you’re not using DEFAULT hi-hat sounds or the drum synth in Kong,
    hittypes are absolutely useless, confusing, time-consuming and you won’t be using them at all because they do nothing at all 😉

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