10 thoughts on “Rhythmic Vocal Gating With Ableton Live

  1. Sorry but a whole movie basically explaining the Utility and Gate effect? Not too interesting IMO. I'm a bit surprised that he didn't clearly state that by using the Operator like that you'll also extend quite heavily on your CPU drain. Esp. if you also want to bring in vocoders and such, then using the Operator really has little added value left IMO.

    Maybe another tip for anyone messing with this.. Sure, you can use 'sends only' to cut the track output, but when you're heavily using control surfaces this can quickly become confusing because you'll have a "real" track in there which actually isn't one (you really wouldn't want to accidentally stop this). In those situations I personally prefer to disable the track (track on/off switch) and simply tell your "side chainer" to grab the audio "post fx".

    Sure, you'll still have a clip button telling you something is playing, but a glimpse at the track activator will quickly inform you that there's something 'special' up with that track.

  2. A-BUG-TON LIVE 8 still crashes alot. Check their official forum and you'll know I'm not kidding.
    ABUGTON LIVE's built in effects and instruments are a pain when using on multiple tracks.
    CPU usage is very high for not doing very much in ABUGTON.

    I would NOT recommend ABUGTON LIVE 8. Very unstable and alot of bugs.
    But don't just take my word. Go visit their official forum and see for yourself.


  3. I was thinking about purchasing Live 8. I see there are some having issues on the Ableton forum.
    I think I'll give ACID PRO 7 a try. Then I'll let you know if it RULEZ. LoL ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. that guy complains about ableton anytime its brought up. it's still a great piece of software for quickly sketching sons.

  5. I just read the thread about the BIG BOSS at Ableton apologizing for putting out a poor product. I guess I'll hold off too on LIVE 8.

    I guess a brand name like SONY is the safe way to go. I'm gonna download ACID PRO 7 demo and try it out.
    Thanks for the heads up CPEREZZ

  6. you can download a free demo of live that gives you 30 days with saving and unlimited days without (there was a time i even gigged with the demo). check for yourself if its as buggy as CPEREZZ makes it out to be. And don't listen to forums – the only people who tend to comment on them are those with problem – its what statisticians call a very biased sample.

  7. every daw has some good sides some bad sides.I think ableton is easiest program in the music world.you can put ideas in program in a minutes.not any program that simple ..

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