The Double Slide Controller

Tomas Henriques plays his Double Slide Controller, First Prize winner at the 2010 Guthman Musical Instruments Competition, held at Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology.

The annual competition is supported by the philanthropy of alumnus Richard Guthman in honor of his musical wife, Margaret.

“This event underscores our role as a center of innovation in music,” said Frank Clark, Chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Music. “Thanks to the Guthmans, this competition will expose new paradigms of expression year after year.”

“It was very interesting to meet all the participants and see the wealth of new ideas for new instruments that aim at breaking new frontiers in the performance of electronic music,” said Henriques. “Georgia Tech, with the philanthropic aid of the Guthman family, is doing a great job to the development of the field of music technology.”

9 thoughts on “The Double Slide Controller

  1. looks like a shoulder version of a quadraSid but Yeah!! anything nunchak (wii) is genius .
    very interesting no doubt

  2. As much as I think it's a brilliant feat of technology, I think the music sounded pants. I'm not sure what the point is of spending hours and hours building an incredible machine, that ends up sounding like a cheap synthesizer. In this case it should be called "technology," not "music technology". There's nothing "technologically advanced" about this music.
    However, I think what he built is completely incredible. Just wish people would use this type of technology to do something new in music as well.

  3. Well, give it time. Leo Fender, famously, couldn't play guitar. These inventions usually have to be demonstrated by the inventor until they can get a musician sufficiently interested to want to master it. At least it's not like all those YouTube videos of "I built an Atari Punk Console it's really cool here it is sorry I can't switch it on because I haven't got a battery".

    Patience, glasshopper.

  4. I am the builder of the double slide controller. I see the validity and very much agree with the comment that says that the music played in the video does not do justice to the possibilities of this new instrument. It is true. But please bear in mind that when I entered the Guthman competition I had only logged about 5 hours total playing time on the instrument…. And I needed to play something that was "safe" technically. I will post some other videos in the near future showing way more advanced features and music possibilities of the instrument.

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