Turn Your iPhone Or iPod Touch Into A Keytar!

Strange Musical Instruments: One day, at a BBQ restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, iPhone lovers were getting together to have a good time.

One of the guys was performing guitar with an iPhone application. Then he said,”I want a guitar amp for this” to someone from Bird Electron, a company known for its speaker design for iPod/iPhone.

And, out of this, the EVENNO Fingerist iPod keytar thing was invented.

Actually, there’s more to the story.

EVENNO notes that “In its new product planning meetings, alcohol serves as a lubricant to come up with extraordinary ideas.”We’ve mentioned the Fingerist previously – but now official specs and pricing are available.

The Fingerist is a new iPhone/iPod touch accessory that lets you play your applications as if you are actually playing musical instruments. This music adapter has a built-in speaker that operates on 3 AA batteries, which will should let you play up to 6 hours.

Fingerist can be used as an audio speaker when you simply want to play music louder. And, since it has a built-in line-out for a guitar amplifier, you just need to plug in the amplifier and adjust the volume to enjoy a live performance.

iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod touch (2nd/3rd?firmly fit to The Fingerist with the silicone case which is included in the package.

The Fingerist is priced at US $150.00.

Details at the EVENNO site.

4 thoughts on “Turn Your iPhone Or iPod Touch Into A Keytar!

  1. i had seen a version of this that was funny and much cooler because it was for ipad and emphasis was on synth sounds and a turntable program.

    this here is pretty lame. if you want a guitar – buy a guitar! or just play your iphone as is. would have been better if they made this look funny instead of trying to make it look professional.

  2. Thanks for mentioning… Yes, I did it first. >;-)> But this one is pretty nicely built.

    The point of it (at least in my case) isn't to "play guitar" per se,
    but to offer an electronic musician the portability and freedom of motion that a guitar offers,
    while using what ever sounds we please!

    Just finished another video for it – The MANTARAY iPad Guitar / DJ Frame
    [youtube mbwaDzuekuk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbwaDzuekuk youtube]

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