20 thoughts on “Deep Space Synth Jam

  1. Towards the end of the second part something happened, reminded me a bit of Tangerine Dream in the 70s. Too bad there weren't other people to augment this soundscape. On its own it's quite boring, but perhaps he could do more if he got two sustain pedals so that his hands were freed from holding down one key. Amazing he doesn't already have those considering the price of the equipment. 😉

  2. my problem with this guy doing this music with this hardware is that i could easily replicate the exact same thing with a few free vst plugins, and to me – that is sinful… with what he has on hand i would expect an incredible array of sonic textures

    ive got nothing against drone music, but this guy is not good at it – he has some serious horsepower available and its completely wasted, not to mention the lack of emotion, melody, mood, atmosphere, etc.

    its just garbage… really dreadful

  3. i thought it was quite interesting. keep going man — work it out!

    can't help but wonder what motivates all the harsh comments. terrible comments! really boring and predictable!! ha ha…

  4. i know – how dare they speak their mind!! we should report them to big brother! lets go wait in line to get approval to talk to big brother, if thats ok.. i mean, if thats cool, i mean.. dont hurt me!!

    fucking assholes with their negative vibes harshing my buzz and shit

  5. It has to be said that ambient and drone music rarely translates into exciting video or bite-sized chunks of content.

  6. I am talentless but far from a hipster, and you guys seem quite concerned with the price of all my gear & what I choose to play with it…? Fact is, I bought it, it's mine so I get to do with it as I please! I welcome criticism but rest assured… NO ONE'S GOING TO STOP ME! I'm the one out there playing shows! I'm not hiding in some dingy home studio trying to recreate what's already been done time & time again! What, all of you rather me throw in some 808's & 303's @ 120 bpm? PLEASE! It's easy to sit behind your computers & throw in your two cents but I don't see you guys out here in the real world lugging gear up & down stairs, setting up in hot venues, sweating, for the love of it!?

    But I guess I'm still young, living life & not bitter…?


  7. I'm sorry, you must be the synth police! Before anyone can buy any piece of hardware they must run it by you so that the artist my receive your seal of approval..

    you really must be a raspberry?

  8. not the "synth police", just some random person with an opinion.. that obviously seems to have gotten under your skin

    keep practicing.. maybe one day it will pay off for you – but right now you certainly dont have my seal of approval..

    id offer you a seal of disgust instead, but im not sure you have enough room for it on the mantle, what with all your self-appointed "real world, sweating for the love of it" trophies..

    you should probably get back to making that drone music you invented that no-ones ever done before

  9. ambient elevator music… i filter this blog through postrank and this boring crap still makes it through? synthtopia is a steady stream of bad taste in music and product advertorials. low signal, high noise. interesting how all the nasty comments end up here but over where real content is written (CDM) not many flaming comments.

  10. It sounded a bit stale at first but got more interesting towards the end. I enjoyed the deep bass growl at the very end. Sounded nice. A longer video would've probably made more justice to the presented material.

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