19 thoughts on “Is NanoStudio The “Most Awesome iPad App Ever”?

  1. I use nanostudio on the Iphone, one of the best music app ever for the iPhone ๐Ÿ™‚
    SunVox is also very good.

  2. great application for quick musical sketches. It's very intuitive, fast to operate, has almost no latency. The fact, that you can transfer own samples to the device and mixdown the finished track to send it back to your worksation makes it highly valuable!

    top notch!

  3. Well thought out and well implemented – and it's a 1.0 version. It will only get better from here.

    Been using it since the day it was released and found it to be the most intuitive iOS app for music I've encountered so far, and I'm a junkie when it comes to these things… ; )

    Remember – you can get a free full version of nanostudio for your Mac or PeeCee if you want to try it out: http://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/download.php

  4. Technically it is iPhone NOT iPad app. Yes it does work on iPad but only in 2x compatibility mode and therefore looks pixalated ๐Ÿ™
    iPad native version is apparently planned, but no timeframe is given – booo…

  5. Its been the great ipad application Ever where people enjoyed its been very small and the delicate to use and been efficient to carry is well.This application is been strong and powerful.

  6. Needs an Arp. Yeah you can LFO your way around that but I want sequence style Arp. Other than that, one of the most complete music apps out there. Runs silky smooth on the iPad minus slight pixellation mentioned above.

    I read somewhere before that people were upset you couldn't record from the mic and use as a sample. I can verify that it IS possible.

  7. I checked out all the Studio Apps there are, and I think of NanoStudio the best, followed by iSeq.
    NanoStudio on the iPad is very usefull, and I often jam down some ideas while already in Bed.

  8. I am a touring singer/songwriter/musician/producer, and when going on the road, it gets tiresome to have to lug my computer and all of my cables and midi keyboard..(And I have everything from the korgkontrol, to the oxygen8 to the korg nanokey/pad/control). I wanted to get something that was small yet powerful enough to be sufficient for me to punch out ideas on and have a professional result and make less work for me to do once I returned back to my home workstation. I was going to buy a netbook and hackintosh it but then came the rumors of Apple coming out with a tablet…Well I was sold, so I waited for it! AND when it came out, I bought it!!
    It took a little bit of time for the programmers to get on the ball with a REAL DAW production tool, but low and behold, the folks at Blip Interactive have done their homework and have REALLY HIT JACKPOT!! This app is amazing and though this version is actually an iphone/touch version, I have to say that it runs seamlessly on my ipad as well as my iphone. I do look forward to the native ipad version but until then, I am very happy using the current version. This app has truly validated my confidence in the ability to use a tablet as a real music production tool and I say "Well Done" and Thank You Blip Interactive!! They have really set the bar really high and I look forward to coming apps as I know that it can only get better from here!

  9. i'm very excited by it. i too have been looking for something portable that is professional sounding and that inspires creativity. it's too early for me to tell with this (just downloaded) but already i can easily say the synths sound pretty fantastic. it's hard to believe that a few years ago this wasn't really possible. not at this level.

  10. I am a 3 time Synclavier owner. This app with a Akai keyboard is utterly a dream come true. Fun and very productive!

  11. Love nanostudio, it's like having reason on your iPad added with a midi keyboard, although it's originally made for iPhone..wish they made it for the iPad too.


  12. Likes and dis-likes really – very nice instruments with Eden and the TGR16, plus some nice effects. Output is good quality and no real latency to speak of, plus a good price for this much functionality, but on the downside it is not ipad native yet so a little fuzzy to look at and the sequencing and editing is quite fiddly really – I prefer xenon for this.

    If I had to rate it though I would still give 8 out of 10 for the quality and value for money it represents. A truly great app.

  13. I use nanostudio on the iPad, and it’s a very capable tool. I bought Music studio, tabletop, ielectribe, nlog synth, and many other audio apps and Nanostudio is by far my prefered. It looks good on the iPad even if it’s an iPhone app. The iPad version Will come soon, before the end of 2011. A must have !

  14. For all those still interested, NanoStudio is now a universal app for the iPad as well as of December 6, 2011. Sweet!!!!

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