Sneak Preview: The Dewanatron Triple Slice Eurorack Synth Module

This is a preview, via bigcitymusic, of the new Dewanatron Triple Slice synth module:

Here is the incomparable Dewanatron Triple Slice eurorack module being modulated with the Kilpatrick K4815 Pattern Generator. We start out with the SINE VOLUME on the Triple Slice all the way down, then push it up full.

We are controlling the amount of STIR in the Triple Slice with the beautifully illuminated mod wheel on the Analogue Systems rs600 Performance Wheels module, which controls the amount of LFO. We start the video with no STIR, then add a little at slow and medium speed. The Triple Slice sounds beautiful straight, but really comes alive with a bit of STIR added!

2 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: The Dewanatron Triple Slice Eurorack Synth Module

  1. Soundwise this reminds me of a simple FM patch. Maybe the module is capable of other sounds when the CV inputs are driven with higher frequencies by LFOs? I don't know off-hand what's theoretically possible with introducing some discontinuities into a cyclic waveform while modiying some parameters that govern how exactly this is done. I'd certainly like to see the schematics of this thing to confirm my hypothesis that this is actually a pretty basic circuit.

    All in all I would guess this video doesn't do the capabilities of the module justice (Seems to be a recurring theme with bigcitymusic demo videos. If I were a manufacturer I would be less than pleased to have a distributor of mine make videos that provoke comments that include the word crap or leave the impression that this module does nothing more than what a modular owner already can do with his equipment).

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