Vocoder Improvisational Duet

Sunday Synth Jam: Max Loh and Don Lewis improvise a vocoder duet, with vocal percussion/beatbox.

via theguyi26:

Don Lewis and I perform in an act of Young Expressions 2008, in the Amador Theater in Pleasanton, CA. The audio is unfortunately imbalanced, causing my voice to be much louder than Don Lewis’. This was not the case during the live performance; it was most likely a mixer imbalance that occurred during film editing.

In addition, when I begin to beatbox, the camera stays focused on Don Lewis because the cameraman responsible for filming me had technical failures or something. So the scene is confusing but it is me (the weird asian kid) doing the beats with my mouth. When the camera returns focus to me, I have completed recording a loop of the beat, so I am no longer beatboxing live by that point; I just have to press a button to play the loop that I made on stage.

Film editor/producer: Ned Augustenborg

My website: http://www.maxloh.com

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