Awesome Multi-Touch MIDI Controller For Windows Will Make Macheads Drool

There’s been no lack of cool technology for musicians coming out on Apple platforms for the last couple of years – ranging from multi-touch tablets to state-of-the-art mobile phones to 12 cpu mega-workstations.

But here’s something that could make Macheads a little envious – a giant multi-touch MIDI Controller for Windows.

This video is a quick demo of Emulator – a multitouch MIDI controller for Windows – running on a DIY multi-touch screen called Töken and controlling Traktor Pro:

Emulator is a multitouch MIDI controller (for windows 7, oh ! yes NO IPAD), software where you have all what you need on same screen and combine the power of multitouch, the useful standard mouse and the native interface of software to be controlled all in one nice and useful GUI, first version 1.0 incluse layout 100% compatible with Traktor Pro internal mode, future upgrades include Traktor Internal mode and new layouts for Deckadance, Virtual Dj, Ableton and more.

This software runs under windows 7, 32bit/64bit; and works on tablet PCs with 12.1 inch screen (1280×800).

If there were musicians in Minority Report, they’d be rocking Emulator.

Anybody else want to try this out with Ableton Live – or your platform of choice?

Check Emulator out – and let me know what you think of making music with a giant touchscreen, instead of fiddling with a mouse.

You can find details on Emulator at the developer’s site.

Update: This article generated a lot of interest in developer Pablo Martin’s Emulator, so he’s put up a page on his site to address some of the common questions that he’s been getting, including pricing, Mac support (sorry guys) and screen resolutions.

19 thoughts on “Awesome Multi-Touch MIDI Controller For Windows Will Make Macheads Drool

  1. Nice. What are they using to make this screen? The site is just for a multi-touch skin over the top of traktor, as far as i can tell.

  2. Whomever is saying here that Macs have a bigger Touch-screen "base" is sadly mistaken. Most demos and home-brew touch-screens use a Windows interface. There are hundreds of touch-based Windows machines out there, and only one Apple one, the iPad. And that's not the same thing.

  3. Awesome, I was hoping something like TouchOSC would come out for windows and it looks like this may be it!

    Also, that screen is totally sex!

  4. Actually, after looking into it more, there is no possibility for custom layouts, so I guess it's not all that great. 🙁

  5. awesome!!!! there´s nothing like Töken, really guys, you're loosing part of your life if you don´t try it… I felt the experience, i know what i´m talking about…
    Look for the inventors of Töken, i know them, they're genious…i'm sorry for my english but i'm from Chile, just like Töken


  6. Before it was nearly impossible to tweak the cutoff directly with your penis, now the sky is the limit!

    But on a more serious note certainly you can, looking at that DJ interface i can see nearly no tangible way in which it's worse than your standard Mouse and screen setup, and certainly these instruments can be used for other purposes too, i have seen a video of a man using touchOSC on an iphone to create a remote control for a little robot he was building. With something ultimately customizable like this i doubt you would run out of things to do with it.

    And live performance isn't simply about what you can do up there, it's about the people watching as well. it wouldn't surprise me if you start seeing people like little boots or Deadmau5 using this sort of stuff live pretty soon.

  7. Hey can u tell us a little more about Token? Maybe a price range, because I want one now !!! hehehehe


    thank you


  8. I don´t have that information, neither the autorization to give the mails or names….but, Pablo Martin (creator of emulator) does!!!…. ask him…i´m just a lucky friend who's been watching this in the right moment and the right place!!! The creator of Töken will be very happy to sell you the screen…


  9. Just received this email:


    My name is Gonzalo Andrade, I work for eGolucion, the company that built the Töken Console.
    Let me tell you that We are working as fast as We can according to launch on March 2011.
    The price will be around USD$ 9.000 dolars each unit.

    Are you interested?

    Gonzalo J. Andrade
    Sales & Marketing

    I responded:

    ….you guys are crazy to think this will not be knocked off within the year…..Let's put it this way…if you include all the parts, including a kick ass PC witha kick ass sound card, I might tell someone about it….sorry guys YOU FAILED. Just look at the lemur sales (and discontinuation) plus the plummeting price of video projectors and you'll see your market window is about closed.

    Thanks for trying, hit me back when you reach the 5K price point (think scalability)


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