deadmau5 Collapses On Stage, Cancels Upcoming Shows

Deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerma) collapsed Saturday night, while performing onstage at the 9:30 club in Washington DC, and has announced that upcoming Deadmau5 shows have been cancelled.

According to a statement at his site, Zimmerman is “suffering exhaustion and vomiting”:

Deadmau5 is sad to advise his fans that on the strict advice of the doctors, he now has no choice but to cancel the next 9 shows of his Summer tour schedule to allow for his recovery.

The dates affected are listed below.

Cancelled Deadmau5 dates:

  • August 1st           Osheaga Music & Arts Festival, Canada
  • August 7th           Summersonic Osaka Japan
  • August 8th           Summersonic Tokyo Japan
  • August 12th         Cream at Amnesia Ibiza
  • August 13th         Cocorico Riccione Italy
  • August 14th         Papaya Summer Festival Croatia
  • August 15th         Sziget Festival Budapest Hungary
  • August 17th         Cavo Paradiso Mykonos Greece
  • August 18th         Opium Mar Barcelona Spain

Deadmau5 hopes to reschedule appearing in these cities in due course but in the meantime thanks all his fans for their understanding and support.

14 thoughts on “deadmau5 Collapses On Stage, Cancels Upcoming Shows

  1. I was at the show when it happened. He tried his best and made his way through about 50 minutes of the show before he had to bail out, poor guy.

    Even if you don't respect his music, you've got to respect his passion. He went on feeling great, but it all just hit him during the show. He was onstage throwing up into a trashcan behind the big cube where nobody could see, but he tried his best to keep everybody dancing. At the end he made a heart with his hands, pointed at the crowd, then motioned like he was putting a gun to his head and walked off. He tried to tough it out, but he just couldn't do it. He's toured almost nonstop for the past three years. My respect goes to him for allowing his passion to bring music to so many thousands, even millions of people.

    TL: DR; Don't be a moron and say "good thing he collapsed". He was giving it his all and he tried his best. That's all I ever could ask from any artist I see live.

  2. I thought they were talking about his compressor at first. I can understand how that would be suffering from exhaustion and maybe vomiting. Jokes aside I hope Deadmau5 gets better so he can show off his modular synth setups on Youtube!

  3. he doesnt use those modular synth. the videos of them are in the same vain of tpains vocoder vid. joel smokes A LOT. its of course his choice but is not ideal for performing just as much.

  4. Shit, you can say what you want about joel but he works fucking hard, i'm surprised it didn't come earlier.

    And i think comments about not using modulars in tracks are pretty in vain when coming from the average internet synth nerd. Most don't record squat 😉

  5. At least he could make it off the stage by himself instead of collapsing, falling down, probably doing some damage to him and his (whatever it is) equipment, and then having to be dragged away by some people who might not even be qualified to deliver first aid. It might not even be related to his alleged (ab)use of certain substances. Some people are just too frail to do more work than is humanely possible without showing signs of fatigue. That's just normal. Just because he makes music I don't listen to, some dislike, and others find totally intriguing doesn't mean he isn't a plain old human being. I just hope his fans remain loyal even if he has to cancel some shows and do not say nasty things because they feel cheated. For the rest of us: We can go on with our lifes, nothing to see here (at least not while he's in the hospital, unless he makes some youtube videos of him toking while in bed with all the medical monitoring equipment blinking and beeping away as if it was the soundtrack to some 1970s SciFi movie *g*).

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