4 thoughts on “Ferry Corsten On DJ App Cue Play DJ

  1. Key Features
    Industry standard interface familiar to all DJs
    Simultaneous playback of 2 tracks at CD-quality. (wav/mp3/m4a supported)
    Access your iPod Library to import tracks on device
    Export Cue Play Setlist analyzed tracks for USB file transfer via iTunes.
    Multiple Stored Cue Points with Hot Cues (up to 5)
    Quantized Loops (with dynamic loop length)
    HotLoop Sampling (Track keeps playing while loop repeats)
    Automatic Track Syncing (BPM and Phase)
    Automatic BPM Detection
    +/- 10% pitch capabilities
    It costs USD 9.90 only

    3-Band EQ w/Gain
    EQ kill switches
    Delay, Flanger, and Low Pass Filter effects
    BPM Tap Mode
    Multiple Headphone Modes (Stereo cue/mix, Mono cue/mix, Split “Party” mode – mix/master)
    WiFi Master Output Streaming to Cue Play Setlist (Can be recorded)

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