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iPad Music Software:  Sylo Synthesizer (App Store link) is a free iPad synth that  lets you build sounds from basic waveforms, or capture them using the iPad’s built-in microphone.

Sylo Synthesiser features live time-stretching technology based on granular synthesis, and a suite of filters.

Options include:

  • Speed up or slow down a recorded sound to use as an instrument
  • With a regular wavetable synthesiser, higher-pitched notes are also faster, like chipmunks, and lower-pitched notes are also slower, as though they are moving through treacle, Enable “Sync Speed” feature, though, and lower or higher-pitched notes still play back at the same speed, keeping them in sync with each other
  • Adjust the speed control even while you’re playing notes: Slow, stop or even rewind the sound in the middle of notes — without changing the pitch
  • Granular synthesis allows you to create instruments or effects from a recording, that do not sound like the original, yet retain its realistic, natural sound
  • Frequency modulation, ring modulation, echo/delay, distortion, and a low-pass filter with resonance control are available

Sylo Synthesiser is a teaser for Sylo Synthesizer Pro, which adds these features:

  • Use existing audio files as the building-blocks of your instrument: import audio from wave, aiff, mp3 and aac/m4a files
  • Save recordings to your iPad or to Dropbox1 online storage
  • Save your new instruments to the preset list for fast acces

2 thoughts on “Free iPad Synth – Sylo Synthesiser

  1. You have to buy the full version to save. I use it to sample my Bass Station and the results are pretty good. I’ll be posting a video on my YT channel in a day or two.

  2. Hi from the Sylo Synth developer! Just a quick note to let you know that version 1.0.2 is currently in review at Apple, and adds the ability to record your performances as .wav files, which we know a few people are looking forward to*. Also, some sound-quality improvements and other little fixes. Hopefully this will pass App Store review and be with you folks shortly. 🙂

    (* Currently, you can record from the microphone, to use samples as the basis of new instruments; judging by some of the comments we've seen elsewhere, a few people are confused and think this is how you record performances. So we've changed the "Record" button and put a microphone icon on it instead, and added a new Record button — for those who've upgraded to the full version — that makes a high-quality recording of your performance. You can then retrieve the recording using iTunes. Hopefully this will be clearer, as well as adding new features 🙂 )

    @BeatMakerTV: Please let us know when your video is up, we'd be interested to see!

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