QuteCsound Brings Csound Computer Music Programming To Beginners


Free Music Software: If you’ve ever been interested in trying out the computer music programming environment CSound, but were daunted by it, you might want to check out QuteCsound.

QuteCsound is a cross platform editor and front-end for Csound with syntax highlighting, interactive help and automatic launching of Csound from a shell or the API. It’s designed to simplify and streamline working with CSound.

QuteCsound developers hope to bring the power of Csound to a larger group of people, by reducing Csound’s intial learning curve, and by giving users more immediate control of their sound.

Check out the QuteCsound demo videos above, which demonstrate working with with Presets, Live Events and more.

via mantaraya36

3 thoughts on “QuteCsound Brings Csound Computer Music Programming To Beginners

  1. Hi ggg,

    What problem did you have compiling? I'm on 10.04 and if you've got qt-dev-tools, csound-dev and libsndfile-dev, it should build with:

    qmake qcs.pro CONFIG+=build64

    (build64 is needed for the default debian package, which is built with 64 bit preciosion, but QuteCsound builds 32 bit by default)


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