Csound Now Available On Android

Csound – an open source user-programmable software sound synthesizer  is now available on Android. Csound contains a full complement of digital oscillators, samplers, filters, envelope generators, random number generators, physical models, sound granulators, phase vocoders, and other unit generators. Users write instrument definitions in Csound’s orchestra language to render notes written in Csound’s score language, played… Read More Csound Now Available On Android

CsoundPad For iPad

Developer Jason Timm has released Csound for iPad – an editor/player utility for the Csound music programming language. Csound is a programming language, in C, designed for manipulating sound. It was originally created by Barry Vercoe at MIT in 1984. Csound currently runs on many varieties of UNIX and Linux, Microsoft DOS and Windows, all… Read More CsoundPad For iPad

Csound iOS Software Development Kit Now Available & It’s Free

We reported last week about Csound Touch – the upcoming app that will bring Csound to the iPad. Now Victor Lazzarini and Steven Yi have announced a software development kit for working with Csound on iOS. Get the details at the project’s SourceForge site. Yi also notest that “iOS, like Android, will be maintained as first class… Read More Csound iOS Software Development Kit Now Available & It’s Free