6 thoughts on “Axon Programming Tutorial

  1. *brain goops out of ears*

    Okay, it's not THAT complex, but that might take some serious getting used to after being so set in purely linear sequencing. Colour me very interested eitherway.

  2. I agree. Looks interesting. I especially like that they went with FM for synthesis. This system seems like there would be some pretty crazy modulation scenarios driving FM synthesis in real-time.

  3. Bought this yesterday after watching the tutorial – the neuron sequencer will certainly take some getting used to…I'll admit to about 30 mins of headscratching…but after that I was happily experimenting and I love the 6 "easy" FM synths, (which can also be triggered via midi note) and are capable of quite a wide variety of sounds despite having only a handful of parameters to tweak .

  4. I checked out that Nodal sequencer brought up earlier this week and find it does something equally out of the box, but in a much less limited way. You're not limited to merely seven nodes and directed acyclic graphs are permitted. Its not nearly as slick, but I am tempted to pay for it just to go back to using some of my old AI programming techniques for spreading activation node energy analysis …

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