touchAble – An In-Depth Look At The New Ableton Live iPad Controller

This video offers an in-depth look  at touchAble – a new app that lets you control Ableton Live from your iPad.

touchAble Features:

  • Navigate around your Live set with the touch of a finger, tweak Lives mixer, instruments and fx with full automapping and unlimited tracks & parameters.
  • touchAble allows live users to walk away from their computer and perform live from anywhere within Wi-Fi range while keeping latency at a minimum.
  • Play your favourite synths with the unique double keyboard or record your rhythms with the 16 drum pads, including 5 velocity steps & octave selectors.
  • Access the most important transport and clip functions without losing focus on your set and tweak the same set with two iPads with the unique Dual-User-Mode.
  • Do you need to adjust volume, launch a new clip and play a device? A screen menu lets you arrange and switch modules on the fly.

touchAble is “coming soon” to the App Store.

More details below and at the touchAble site

via touchAbleapp:

touchAble – control Ableton Live from your Ipad- features overview

Coming soon on App store
more infos :

touchAble does not require any midi-mappings as it uses LiveOSC to communicate directly with the LiveAPI.

*** Limited Time Introductory Price ***

Installation could not be any simpler:

– Download touchAbleServer from our website and install it on your Mac or PC
– Enter your Hosts Ip-Address on your iPad
– Press connect.
Within a few seconds your set will be ready.


Clip grid
– USE MORE FINGERSSELETOUCH &. Need to go faster? Use more fingers!
– Clips & scenes with full colour and name feedback
– 8×15 clips in fullscreen, 8×7 clips in halfscreen allow a great overview over your set.
– Access to arm & solo functions
– Playing position feedback inside clips
– Grid always stays in sync with the set you’re controlling
– Stop Toggle provides a safe, yet easy way to stop tracks & clips.
– Famous coloured box around currently shown clips within Live

– Unlimited tracks, navigate with the touch-sensitive cross.
– Volumes, returns A-D, panning, monitors, resets, master & return volumes
– 2 different modes in fullscreen: Mode 8 to control two different parameters for the same 8 tracks, Mode 16 to control 16 tracks at once.
– Scared of clipping? Output-meters provide feedback of each tracks/masters/returns output-levels.
– Mute-buttons for each track

– Intuitive device selection screen using touch scrolling. Toggle mode to enable & disable devices from the overview.
– Compatible with vsts, audiounits and native live plugins
– Native Templates for few of Lives devices More will be added in the next updates.
– Choose between 3 device modes: Native Mode, FX8 with 8 and FX32 with 32 parameters to be controlled at once.
– Navigate and control unlimited parameters with bank switches
– Never lose a parameter in the heat of a set: parameter name & value feedback directly inside the faders.
– FX8 & FX32: Different fader-colours differentiate continious parameters and multistate-toggles.
– Control 2 devices at the same time

– 17 note Keyboard
– Touch & scroll Octave-selector
– 2 velocity modes: global or range
– Range velocity mode provides 5 velocity steps within the same key: Press the key on top for low velocity, press it on bottom for maximum velocity
– Keys change colour to reflect current level of velocity
– Tweak the minimal velocity during range mode with the provided slider
– Perform with 2 keyboards in full screen mode

– 8 or 16 pads mode
– Touch & scroll Pad-selector
– 2 velocity modes: global or range
– Range velocity mode with 5 different steps
– Pads change colour to reflect current level of velocity

Clip & Transport control
– Change parameters of clips : pitch, detune, loop, length, position
– Easy access to transport functions: play/stop, midi overdub, cue level, metronome, nudge up/down, midi record and launch quantization

Regular updates adding more native templates and functionality are a given, Step-Sequencer & X&Y Pads to come!

For detailed setup-instructions & feedback please visit

9 thoughts on “touchAble – An In-Depth Look At The New Ableton Live iPad Controller

  1. Very impressive!

    However, interfaces on external hardware are a short-term phenomenon. I believe that the not-too-distant future will see touch-screen interfaces as part of all computers and OS's, and applications such as Live will be touch-driven by default. The years of the mouse are definitely numbered.

  2. But the iPad control option is here right now – not 5 years from now.

    What happens when Ableton puts out their own iPad controller, though?

  3. i wish they made the clips bigger. I would much rather sacrifice having 60+ clips on the screen at once to have 20 bigger more useful clips around. It's hard to get expressive with such small buttons.

    Besides that. Holy mother. I'm totally getting it.

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