Loopmasters Lick Me

Loopmasters has unleashed Lick Me, a new guitar sample library that not only features some classy cover art (right), but has a title which may put it on top of the sample libraries with porn movie names list.

Here’s what Loopmasters have to say about Lick Me:

Whether you’re looking for some smooth licks to bring your productions to life or some chugging rhythm to give your track some backbone, you’ll find it all in Loopmaster’s Lick Me guitar pack. With influences coming from Metal, Ambient Metal, Classic Rock, Funky Wah, Dirty Death Riffs, Country, Tapping, as well as some effects noises, this collection has it all.

You’ll have over 1GB of pristine 24-bit guitar loops and sounds between 90 and180bpm at your disposal, grouped into tempo categories for your convenience.

Lick Me guitars is comprised mostly of short riffs, assorted lead lines, rhythm lines with various distortion effects, and some atmospheric sounds, with loops reminiscent of everyone from Hendrix to Slayer and Metallica.

No matter what genre you’re into, the samples in this collection will leave your tracks a cut above the rest. Whether you like your rock guitars aggressive, funky, or somewhere in between, you’ll find out for yourself that you’re spoilt for choice with this collection.

Comprised of over 700 WAV and 702 REX2 loops, you’ll be lost in a purple haze of royalty-free guitar sample bliss. Lick Me guitars is also available in Apple Loops format.

Lick Me is available now for £29.95 GBP.

You can get a taste of Lick Me at the Loopmasters site.

12 thoughts on “Loopmasters Lick Me

  1. I tried these loops in ABLETON LIVE 8 but instead it ate my baby. I tried the same loops in LOGIC and it gave me free cookies.

  2. I tried to use ACID PRO 7 and i retreated into the chinese forest to live among the monks for three years. Don't do it.

  3. If cperezzz can't make good music on Ableton… He is probably a poor musician and should find work elsewhere… Dude probably spends more time bitching than actually making music…

  4. Well, before you go off on him, and please don't take this personal GetALife,but, Ableton is the company,not the name of the software. I will have to agree with perezzz on this one and Live 8 has some issues that need to be resovled.

  5. I think Live is lacking in some departments but is still pretty stable for it's main functions: DJing, groove-making, live performance, and audio acrobatic shit.

    there are probably better choices out there for those tracking vocals all day, recording orchestras, mastering, score writing, and sound-for-film.

    These companies can't please everybody, and have to play to their core audience. The reliability issues are almost fixed (with the exception of MAX for Live, which needs some work). , given you don't use cracked plugins and know what you are doing.

    I think instead of trolling, Cperez should get on the forums and ask around about the issues he is having. There are probably a bunch of really nice people who could offer advice.

    This way, he's happy and posts about sample CDs stay on topic.

  6. I meant on the synthtopia forum… or you could try gearslutz if you want really pro (ie. expensive) gear advice… or keyboardmag, sonicstate, etc… there are tons of good forums out there.

  7. cos you wear a silly hat, a stache and a pair of glasses, inside? or bc you are always condescending towards others? oh…..you weren't the one…..still….

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