The World’s Biggest Drum Machine! (Video)

This video captures Propellerhead Software trying out what they call the world’s biggest drum machine.

They don’t explain the details – but it looks like they are using a custom MPC-style MIDI controller to trigger Kong in Reason 5, and projecting their computer screen as video onto the biggest skyscraper in Stockholm.

Check it out and let me know what you think of the world’s biggest drum machine!

Think you could “totally kill the dance floor” with it?

7 thoughts on “The World’s Biggest Drum Machine! (Video)

  1. Looked like they were all having a great time! Also I am wondering how something like this would work in a dance club setting. Could be a mess, could be a success.

    I would also like to add that it's always wonderful to see people who have just had their first experiences with making music themselves or just playing around with synthesizers. They always look so happy! Well, why not. It's a wonderful feeling to create sounds of your own.

  2. This is pretty cool I spose…I use to frequent this industrial dance club in Hollywood, California
    called " Kontrol Faktory " and they had the virtual room there that had this screen hanging from the ceiling on one end of the room, and you stand infront of the screen and face a wall
    with the screen behind you. Nothing was on the screen, but as you face the wall, you'd
    see a shadow of yourself, and surrounding you was shadows of all these different drums.

    There was nothing there, just shadows, you would face the wall, and move your hands
    making your shadowed hands touch the shadowed drums and you would hear the drum sound.
    so you get a few people to stand infront of this screen, facing the wall, making their shadowed hands tap the shadowed drums and we'd all make a cool beat…this was like in 1992..and I have never seen anything like that since then.

  3. I think this rocks. A very nice and non-intrusive way to promote Kong. Of course, all us Reason fans know that there was one major item missing here… "Double rainbow!" 🙂

  4. element…I used to go to Kontrol Faktory too…loved that place. There is an exhibit at Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana that projects shadows of sand falling on a screen. As you move in front of the screen…you can use your shadow to manipulate how the sand falls. You can make it fall on your shadow's head and pour off….or catch it in the shadows of your hands. The same company that made this exhibit also demonstrated one where shadows of butterflies land on your shadow…and if you move, the butterflies scatter. Sounds similar to what you described.

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