Free Windows Software Synthesizer From DSK – TechSynth

Free Windows Music Software: DSK Music has introduced TechSynth, a free software synthesizer for Windows.


  • 2 Osc with 5 waveforms
  • Amp. envelope and detune control
  • Advanced filter with ADSR and LFO
  • Delay filter
  • Pitch / poly control
  • +60 patches
  • Velocity response

If you give TechSynth a try, let us know what you think of it.


7 thoughts on “Free Windows Software Synthesizer From DSK – TechSynth

  1. user error… worked fine for me on an i5 windows 7 DAW running 8.1.3…. got 6 instances up and running at this very moment, along with 2 Waves API EQs and 1 instance of NI reaktor (as an insert effect)

    Nice sounding, fun little synth for FREE!!!!! Thanks DSK!

  2. Its a nice synth, but its not for me. I have no issues at all with Live 8.1.5, picks up perfectly.

    My main gripe with this critter is that some of the filter doesn't apply very well on sine's while it has little issues with saw waves; for example the cutoff seems a bit inconsistent here and there.

    But in the overall this is a very nice vst. Clear sharp sounds and enough variation present to last a while!

  3. Awesome presets (and mostly named after Star Trek!). Messed around with it in VSTHost right now and it looks like another stunning addition to DSK collection of free VSTis. =)

  4. Just for info, filters shouldn't do anything to sinewaves (except make them quieter). Filters remove harmonics – sinewaves have no harmonics to remove, so the timbre won't change.

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