Bizarro Folktronica Virtual Instruments For Kontakt

Folktek has introduced Folktek Collection Volume 1, a collection of bizarro virtual instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.


  • 64 virtual instruments, 1.74 GB content.
  • 16-24 bit 44.1khz Sounds.
  • Over $30,000 worth of Folktek instruments sampled.
  • Includes Abstract, Ambient, Noise, Percussive & Synth.

Folktek Collection Volume 1 for Kontakt is available now for US $149.79 .


The Folktek Collection Volume One by Big Pauper with Arius Blaze digs deep into the copper clad lines of electric and pulls fourth the nastiest, sweetest, most monstrously beautiful and torturous sounds of Folktek.

One year deep, with more than thirty thousand dollars worth of Folktek gear at our fingertips, and we’ve got Volume One – a massive collection of 64 unique, gritty and glitched-out virtual instruments. Featuring over 1.74gb of well arranged waves, keyboards, ambience and kits, fully integrated into Kontakt for the best possible playability we could virtually conjure. Our virtual instruments are multisampled, feature custom programmed user interfaces and cannot be found anywhere else.

Volume One features sounds intentionally designed for a broad range of artists and players – whether you’re scoring a film and need something atmospherically innovative, a producer tired of the same old 808 sounds, or a musician looking for an expressive new sound to “play”.

See the Folktek site for audio demos.

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