4 thoughts on “Synthpop Revolution

  1. COOL !! I heard elements of Devo, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Human league, and old school Depeche Mode in this fun tune. Enjoyed it alot !!

  2. it makes me think to a well know kraftwek video, 'you pushed a little key, it plays a little melody – pocket calculator', because some gesture in this video are clearly eaxagerated…and there is an over-focus sometimes just like in the K. video

  3. I have very mixed feelings with this song.

    When looking and listening to this fully out of any context what so ever its pretty simple. Its a very nice sounding piece of music, all in all not too over the top, and the effects are nice too. Let's be clear here that there's no denying that IMO.


    I also think the music as a whole is a bit 'so so'. And that's because I got blown away by what I believe to be the first track he put on youtube (can't help it; I'll embed below because this one kicks some very serious ass).

    Now my problem with this video is that I cannot help get the feeling that he's trying very very hard to re-create that experience from his first video. Same musical setup (back.arp, short lead, variation, etc), same lighting, same approach. It doesn't change the fact that he's making some pretty interesting music, don't get me wrong here, but some more variation would have been nice as well. Don't look back at what you already did, instead look forward to see what more radical things you can do!

    For me this vid. below is still his best piece up to date:
    [youtube 5H9fT0qdVLg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H9fT0qdVLg youtube]

  4. It's really competent synthpop and the video's great. It's nice to see someone put together a whole tune – with structure and arrangement and *intent* – with gear like that rather than merely some 'demo' of something-or-other.
    Synthpop maybe needs a vocalist, though? I know that sets up the language barrier for many and, say, Jean Michel Jarre's stuff is great precisely because there are no vocals but… simply judging this by the standards and direction the presentation itself sets up (it's hardly the stuff of lonely, cerebral meditation, is it?) this wants to be huge and popular so…
    Excellent work, though.

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