New StringPort Guitar Synth MIDI Box Offers “Accurate & Intimate” Performance

Keith McMillen Instruments has introduced StringPort MIDI Out, a $595 system that converts audio from hexaphonic guitar pickups into accurate MIDI data, with low latency.

StringPort MIDI Out contains a hardware interface and software application that integrates with industry-standard hexaphonic pickups (such as Roland GK, Graph Tek, Zeta and RMC models) through high speed USB2.

“We listened to hexaphonic guitar players who were asking for a product that would reveal the most accurate and intimate representation of their guitar playing in order to drive their internal synthesizers and outboard MIDI sound modules,” says KMI founder Keith McMillen. “We believe that StringPort MIDI Out is now the best in class product for the 13-pin guitar world.”

This MIDI data can drive sequencers such as Logic, Digital Performer, or Cubase, digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools and Ableton Live, virtual synthesizers, samplers, and any external MIDI sound module or keyboard.

StringPort MIDI Out can be upgraded to the full StringPort software suite.

via SonicState

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