iPhone Guitar Interfaces Compared

iPhone Music Software: This video, via PalmSounds, compares iPhone guitar interfaces, looking at how they sound clean and with the amp modeling software that is provided with the interface.

The iPhone guitar interfaces include:

  • PRS GuitarBud
  • Griffin Guitar Connect
  • iRig
  • AmpKit LiNk
  • GuitarJack

They liked the AmpKit LInk with AmpKit+ the best.  If you’ve used any of these interfaces, with guitar or other gear, leave a comment with your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “iPhone Guitar Interfaces Compared

  1. Ouch! This vid is just embarrassing. With all due respect and without malicious intent-why in the world is a guy that can barely play guitar demoing guitar amp simulators? All the above interfaces sounded horrible to these ears. The question is: would they have sounded horrible in the hands of an accomplished guitarist? Is it not true that tone starts with one's technic? I'm not posting this to be mean. I'm just frustrated with the unrelenting rise of mediocrity.

  2. I was about to write something similiar, but your comment reminded me of something which bothers me about music equipment demos: A great musician can make a mediocre instrument or effect sound great whereas a mediocre musician cannot. So in some ways you maybe don't want someone who's very good at playing guitar to demonstrate this sort of low end guitar equipment.
    He should have chosen other "riffs", though. If my timing were this off (and I'm not a guitarrist and would not dare to describe my "playing" as mediocre to begin with) I would have used a click (in ear).

    In general nothing is wrong with mediocrity, though. One man's great is another man's shoddy. Promoting mediocrity is what democracy is all about. And if nothing else (but maybe fill the pockets of some select people) these devices will bring (bad) guitar playing to the masses. On a "synth" site like this I would however not go so far as to say that would be a good thing … 😉

  3. With all due respect to you Random Chance-Democracy is latin for people ruler. In a true democracy the people rule. I'm in the USA and we are not a true democracy. Anyway that in its self has nothing to do with mediocracy. In a capitalist economy competition is 'supposed' to drive quality up/price down. However many of our products come from China-communist? And that would include the ipad/iphone.

    Check out Chris Buono's demo:-)

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