Which One Of These Trance Songs Is Not Like The Others?


Which one of these trance songs is not like the others?

Here they are in order:

  • Lemon & Einar K – Anticipation
  • Dereck Recay – Cry To The Sky (Mark Arbor Remix)
  • RAM – RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
  • Carlo Resoort – Blinded (Original Mix)
  • Dmitry Ference ft Alexander Bobkov – Out There (Wonderful Feeling & M.T.C. Remix)

OK – it’s a trick question.

But do you think this represents a lack of originality?

Or is it a matter of musicians working within the conventions of their genre, as jazz musicians have recycled the I Got Rhythm chord changes for the last 80 years?

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13 thoughts on “Which One Of These Trance Songs Is Not Like The Others?

  1. I think you can define most new musical genres in that fashion. Look at most current music. easily 95% of all musical acts are derivative, using the same song structure, chords, progressions, etc. It's just more accepted in rock, metal, country, jazz.
    You get the same thing in dnb, dubstep, electro house, and numerous other dance genres as well.
    There is a lot of crap trance because it's easy to make since the explosion of bedroom producers due to the abundance of affordable computer home studios.
    There are still producers making interesting, unique trance if you can be bothered looking for it. Marco V, Sander Van Doorn and Cosmic Gate come to mind off the top of my head. There is also people like John 00 Flemming making excellent fusions of psy and hard trance and are paving the way for originality and new sounds. If you still just really hate your dance music, even something like Infected Mushroom or Shpongle should still have some appeal. Even Tiesto a bastion of cheesy trance is making some interesting crossover into electro and indie.

    Yes. Lots of crap, derivative trance but not all.

  2. It is interesting. While I think some trance music is very beautiful to listen to, I noticed almost no variation on these 5 pieces. Not to discredit the work that WAS done on these, and noting that most musical development is derivative, slowly evolving, I still feel inspired because a lot of the synth music I am listening to lately is so nonhuman and, well, trancy (in the bad form, meaning making people NOT think rather than taking them on a true musical journey). Why do I feel inspired?

    Because I have a lovely group of kit – many synths, that are just itching to be used to make something, hopefully new, but more hopefully, immensely enjoyable. We' shall see!

  3. hey, like hey, original Trance exists on !! but the techno trance is the most not speaked, why do we suppose that all synths most be the same to hit the crowd, they clean up our memories of good Tec Trance (no names) and fill the music lovers with immitations bought in the black market for half of the price, when it came tomake music not all are the less, digital music making is the best but becarefull of that imaginating friends playing around i like this music "lets make one like it"….Sound designers that dont sell for another hit person that intigates their work and "trance" have i all to make it, even like this they have to do one just like me…..
    becarefull of this phising scammers….

    "dont imitate, innovate" – kind of s**t…hehehe.

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