Roland AX-Synth Black Sparkle Keytar Now Available – In November!

Roland AX-Synth Black Sparkle Keytar

Roland announced today that its AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer is “now available in a premium black sparkle finish.”

Except that they also say that the Black Sparkle keytar is “expected to be available in November with an MSRP of $1,449.00.”

Get ready to rule the stage now!

In November!

Details on the Roland AX-Synth Black Sparkle below.

Here’s what they have to say about their new sparkly keytar, the Roland Ax-Synth Black Sparkle:

The new glass-particle UV finish reacts to various lighting conditions, creating a glistening appearance that is striking under stage lighting. The AX-Synth remains available in the standard white finish as well.

Created with the art of performance in mind, the AX-Synth allows keyboardists to connect with their audience as guitarists and singers do. It represents Roland’s new generation of remote keyboards, offering an onboard sound engine that features a collection of the company’s best cutting-edge synth sounds.

When wearing the battery-powered AX-Synth, keyboardists can escape their standard stationary rig and create kinetic musical performances, moving freely around the stage. The ribbon controller, mod bar, D BEAM, and assignable knobs give players the ability to perform memorable and expressive solos with the ultimate real time control.

The AX-Synth features 49 velocity-sensitive keys, and is the first shoulder keyboard to include a 128-voice polyphonic sound engine with 256 distinct tones accessible from eight bank buttons. It can also send and receive standard MIDI messages for use with other keyboards or sound modules. The AX-Synth includes a dedicated V-LINK button to control visual elements, and a dedicated PC software editor/librarian application is available for download for players who would like to customize their own sounds.

18 thoughts on “Roland AX-Synth Black Sparkle Keytar Now Available – In November!

  1. Yooooouuuuu Bastards Roland!!!

    I bought my AX-Synth last Christmas (just finished paying for it this month ironically) and ever since seeing Jarre play a black (one-off) model on tour last year I have wondered if this would ever be an option . . .

  2. Probably cheaper to just get a custom paint job if you just want a black one. If you really want the UV finish……it's probably still cheaper ;P

    The Lucina does everything I need a keytar to do though, so I don't plan on upgrading at twice the price; I'd rather spend it on a good amp and an 88-key.

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