17 thoughts on “Synthesizer Club On Digital Vs Analog

  1. Hmm… so apart from convincing us that Rory Daniels is an analog-bigot and complete prat, what exactly was the point of that video?

  2. Funny as hell but completely biased. Digital is actually better for a variety of things… Digital FM gets more precise results than analog… FFT and granular would be silly to attempt with analog gear… Anything that requires absolute precision and sonic purity is generally easier with digital. Digital also costs less and affords musicians with higher polyphony etc… The cost of maintaining digital gear is less. Digital gear is generally less noisy, and uses less energy to run. Saving and archiving patches is easier. Virtual analogs like my virus ti can sound just as warm as a if programmed correctly.

    Digital gets a bad name from the early days of digital… And analog fetishists who need to defend their extravagant purchases…. Still…. The video was funny.

  3. When the DX7 came out I think a lot of Synthesizer fans were upset because it sounded so different (inferior to them) and maybe because it was harder to program. Other people really liked the DX7 because all they had to do was press buttons to cycle through the presets. This probably made the Analog fans even more angry. But as Domi said, thinks have changed significantly since then and the differences are very small. But if you want to spend $3,000 on a MiniMoog then be my guest.

    By the way, I like FM synthesizers like the DX7. It reminds me of the Sega Genesis.

  4. btw… i love analog stuff too… i own a voyager and a modular and other stuff as well… just not ashamed to admit that it's an addiction, and NOT a requirement to make good music. ;-P

  5. I doubt any analog fan was ever angry that someone could cycle through presets. dx7 presents are horrid. d50 maybe but dx7 presents are just painful. Anyone wanna by mine?

  6. I ment that they were angry because people unfamiliar with synthesizers were just using presets on a digital synth instead of learning how to program there own on an analog. I'll take your DX7.

  7. Digital is not better for sonic purity. It's full of aliasing noise and also signal noise depending on the render bit depth. Depending on the signal/effect types you use it will sound more dry/crunchy than analog.

    I have a Virus TI and an A6 so I have experience with both. I love both synths and they each have unique character. One will never imitate the character of the other well.

    I was once of the "analog fetishists" opinion too, but having some well-built analog gear I can say that there are real differences between the two. Note that I say "differences", and not that one is inherently better than the other. The whole "analog vs digital" war is, like many other A vs B wars, stupid. It's also silly to claim that two systems with clearly different fundamental properties are the same.

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