Moog Voyager XL – The Greatest Monosynth Of All Time?

The Moog Voyager XL is a new patchable analog synthesizer that, if legit, could be the greatest monosynth of all time.

Moog hasn’t officially announced the Voyager XL yet – it appeared briefly on the Big City Music site earlier toda, but has since been yanked.

The Moog Voyager XL is a 61-key analog synth that combines the features of the standard Moog Minimoog Voyager with the VX-351 Control Voltage Expander, adds a dash of the CP-251 Control Processor and then throws in a ribbon controller.

In other words, it’s a distillation and refinement of Moog’s most notable synths – the Moog Modular and the Minimoog.

Here’s a closer look at the Moog Voyager XL controls:

The Voyager XL is expected to be available in the November/December timeframe and to retail for $4,995.

What do you think of the Moog Voyager XL? Is it the ultimate monosynth? Is $5k for a synth, even a Moog, too high?

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32 thoughts on “Moog Voyager XL – The Greatest Monosynth Of All Time?

  1. Synth porn of the week!

    This does look like it could be the coolest monosynth ever.

    $5k is out of my price range, but we can always dream, can't we?

  2. The price certainly tracks with the current Voyager and accessory prices… a bit much all in one go for me, though. But I can definitely see professional musicians and recording studios snapping this up.

    Is it real? Given that we can't afford it, does that matter?

  3. I would have preferred a semi-modular lil phatty version instead. More accessible.

    O and PLEASE 1/8" or banana jacks… 1/4" is just outdated…

  4. Nearly $5k and it's not even a polysynth. Looks like a great synth, and I would love to play it. But at that price, it seems a bit risky in this economy…

  5. that is pure sex. I hope korg follow suit with a new semi-modular along the lines of the ms-20. maybe with built in analogue/digital hybrid sequencer?

  6. This does look awesome, but a 60 key monosynth? If it has 60 keys, it should at least be a split mono or duophonic synth, if not a 4/8/16 poly. With all due respect, it looks like they are just combining products here, and not developing anything new.

  7. In the same way that an Arp 2600 is nothing new? But that doesn't stop people from paying $8,000.00 for 30+ year old Arps.

    This is nothing but awesome. Moog is right to stake out the place in the market for pure quality. Not everyone wants a hundred voices with 500 effects. Try playing the violin and see how much a first rate instrument will cost you. Far more than this thing.

  8. They could undercut Moog at $4k.

    Seriously, though, I hope this leads to a new round of competition for supremacy at the higher end of the synth price range.

  9. Wow! I *need* this synth!! Will start pestering my wife tonight to see if I can combine the next 5 years xmas presents into one super purchase! 🙂

    I agree its alot of money for a monophonic synth but as Atomic Shadow says, Moog are coming at their products from a pure quality point of view. I dont need to pay for effects etc that I wont use. Everything goes into my DAW now, raw/dry from my analogue and digitial synths for maximum control.

    I hope they release it in the black case with the blue / red lights. It would take pride of place in my studio / spaceship! 😉

    1. Andy H – You'll might have to skip the presents for 5 years before you get it, though. : (

      Atomic Shadow – yeah, vintage gear that's not half as powerful is selling for more, so this looks like a fair, if expensive, deal.

      But wait – you know they'll come out with a Moog Voyager XL Supreme Edition in a year or two!

  10. I second that idea. There's something deliciously perverse in the idea of $20,000 worth of these producing a nice four note chord ;p
    Seriously, though, I'm glad that this instrument suggests more in the line of 'quality for money' instead of 'complexity for money'.

  11. Take comfort in the fact that in 20 years' time, just before analogue monophonic synths make their second comeback, you'll be able to pick this up second-hand for only seven hundred yuan of today's money.

  12. Looks awesome, even with the bitter price! The closest thing to the Moog Modular since the '70s. But I wonder when are we going to see a Memorymoog Voyager, though.

    1. Gil, unfortunately never. Great idea, though – a Memorymoog Voyager. I had a Memorymoog but foolishly sold it for cheap because it would NEVER stay in tune! But with Bob gone and that churlish Mike Adams running the joint, a Memorymoog of ANY kind will never see the light of day.

  13. This is not going to lead anywhere IMO… Moog doesn't compete with Korg and the other mass market manufacturers because of their ultra expensive – back to basics – luxurious – handcrafted approach. They just going to make some units that will be bought by collectors and wealthy artists…I bet that this XL version will have even shorter life from Voyager OS…Even if the other analog synth manufacturers produce super monosynths like this, they will cost a fortune and they will always be away from most musicians. I don't want to see many exotic and ultra expensive synths…i want good and affordable synths not myths…

  14. Incredible Fat looking Mini or is this the Maximoog? or is this Bigfatty?
    I was hoping for a Polyphonic Moog,but this is a monster! i like it!

  15. Very nice. One extra touch though would be desirable (for me at least…) Please make the CV inputs with red nuts like the original CP-251… It looked much much better than the bland white ringed inputs… Also, it could have a panel painted, just like the Moogerfoogers, instead of one big sticker… Sorry, two stickers. The other one to label the mod and pitch wheels. Nonetheless, still one of the most desirable products today (second only to Cwejman modular maybe).

  16. Just responding to “when will Moog come out with another MemoryMoog”.
    Moog will never make another poly synth,and I don’t know why people still think that they might.
    How the hell do I know? Well,their would be too many problems,compaints,not to mention the price of
    producing such a synth would drive the cost in the ten grandish range.It won’t happen.

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