Alessandro Cortini’s SuONOIO Synthesizer Update

Alessandro Cortini and Scott Jaeger (The Harvestman) have collaborated to create a fully functional synthesizer called the SuONOIO. It’s available now for preorder at Cortini’s site and sells for $159.99.

Here’s Cortini’s latest update:

it’s ready for manufacturing.

we are stoked.

it looks, sounds,smells better than we expected.

it’ll be a little late to ship out according to manufacturing times, but we promise it’ll be worth the wait.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for the support…Scott and I cannot wait to put these instruments in your hands!


Looks pretty interesting. See our previous SuOnoio posts for demos and details.

Anyone else stoked?

9 thoughts on “Alessandro Cortini’s SuONOIO Synthesizer Update

  1. they did because usually the enclosure is the most expensive part without one they were able to bring down the cost and let you be creative and make one yourself

  2. I was interested in getting one but their absolutely crappy site makes it impossible to get my questions about it answered, so screw them.

    This is how you loose sales before they even start folks.

  3. to be fair, it's less about selling a synth, and more about cortini's music project. The synth is a bonus for fans keyboardless synths who happen to be fans of his music.

  4. Frankly, and although I ordered the whole bang shooting match, I wasn't expecting much from the album itself. I figured 'guy from famous band tries to justify the ownership of an expensive toy (a Buchla) and uses said band's latest thinking on marketing strategies to hawk it'.
    In fact, I'm thoroughly enjoying the album. Maybe I'm just new to the subtleties of distortion and there's tons of stuff out there sounding exactly like this but, to me, the album has a fresh, interesting and rather compelling sonic texture that pushes an experimental edge but not to the extent of alienating real and melodic and richly powerful songwriting.
    Bravo Signor Cortini! The boy done well… 😉

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