The Ember Music Podcast

Free Music Friday: The Ember Music Podcast is the first in a series of regular podcasts that will highlight the ambient and electronic musicians of the Ember Music label.

In the first episode, embedded above, learn more about the background and creative processes of Savaran, MobiusB, Kurt Lorenz and Slaphappy Mortician and hear a track by each.

Check out the Ember Music Podcast and leave a comment with your thoughts!

Here’s the official background on Ember Music:

Ember Music is an artist-run net label that focuses on electronic composition and production and was started in 2010.

Our goals are:

To bring exciting and dynamic electronic music to fans.

To build interaction and a sense of community between the artists and their fans as well as other artists.

To ensure that our artists are the ones that benefit and prosper from their labor. (Ember Music itself runs as a non-profit. Any proceeeds made go almost entirely to our artists).

You can find Ember Music at these sites:

Official website:

3 thoughts on “The Ember Music Podcast

  1. Thanks for posting this… and thanks for making it even easier to submit items to you.

    Ember Music has some amazing artists…. if you like ambient/electronica I highly recommend checking out the site. We are planning on releasing a compilation album later in the fall as well as expanding the site to include gear reviews, sound design tutorials, free soundpacks/sample collections and more…

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