Sonicbirth Tutorial

SonicBirth is a free Mac OS X app for for creating AU plug-in instruments and sound processors for use in applications like Logic, GarageBand and others with Audio Unit support.

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple reverb unit.

Download SonicBirth at

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9 thoughts on “Sonicbirth Tutorial

  1. I thought people were possibly being a bit harsh about the author's voice until I started to nod off while listening. Still, so glad this tutorial exists. I've had SonicBirth for months and found it too daunting to learn yet another piece of software on my own.

  2. Is there anything besides a reverb unit that anyone wants to make?! How in the heck can I make a synth, how about a sample player!!! Why, why would someone spend all this time making a nice program and frustrate you with finding out how to use the darn thing!

  3. It’s hardly a tutorial :/ its just wiring up a pre built effect. Creating an from scratch would be helpful, no offence though.

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