Bob Moog Explains How To Get Good Deals On Used Synthesizers

This video captures the late Bob Moog in Barcelona, in June, 2004.

Moog was attending a Moog conference and shared a few stories, including this one on how to get good deals on used synths.

via wutierson:

It was the beginning of a great moment for this audience. Bob is going to start the conference about Moog products in Spain, at Barcelona 14 June 2004. Bob show us his great sense of humor and proximity to all people avoiding his position in the music history.

Always with us Bob, we never will forgot you.

Fue el principio de un gran momento para esta audiencia, la antesala a la conferencia que daría Bob Moog en Barcelona sobre los productos Moog en España el 14 de Junio de 2004. Bob nos muestra su sentido del humor y proximidad sin hacer notar su importante posición en la historia de la música.

Siempre con nosotros Bob, nunca the olvidaremos.

8 thoughts on “Bob Moog Explains How To Get Good Deals On Used Synthesizers

  1. I could see this happening a lot in the 80's, when everybody was dumping analog.

    It's hard to find "steals" on synths anymore, though, thanks to eBay.

  2. love that guy. looks like he was having fun. i once bought a moog opus 3 at a pawn shop in my home town for $65… sold it for $400. this was back in '97. now i think they are around $700 on ebay.

  3. ebay killed the pawn shop deals…..all they do is look for it on ebay and they will not accept less than the amount of "ebay's price"

  4. Although I own Moog gear and I love the man and his genius,…. I recently grabbed a surprisingly good deal on an ARP Omni in ridiculously good shape because the gentlemen said it was slightly out of tune! I paid $50 bucks for it, with all of the control pedals etc….! I've seen the ARP pedals alone fetch more than what I paid for the Omni!! It sounds great and its a good companion to my Moog gear as well!

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