The Disabled Avant-Garde Performs ‘Stockhausen’

This video captures a performance of Stockhausen by The Disabled Avant-Garde.

via disabledavantgarde:

Karl-Heinz Stockhausen’s 1956 piece ‘Gesang Der Junglinge’ (Song of the Children) analysed song verses into their elementary phonetic components and deployed electronically generated aperiodic sound – more commonly known as ‘white noise’.

The Disabled Avant-Garde also generate white noise in this piece by varying the syne-waves produced by a loudly whistling boiling kettle. As with Stockhausen, a vocalist intones ‘inside’ the white noise (but using a different song – something by Roy Orbison).

The total effect produced is to provide the listener with no idea whatsoever of what it must sound like to be profoundly deaf’.

via Coilhouse

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