The Art Of Analog Emulation

Generating HEAT: Dave Hill and the Art of Analog Emulation is a promo for AVID’s HEAT (Harmonically Enhanced Algorithm Technology), analog console effect software.

But designer and Cranesong founder Dave Hill brings a wealth of knowledge to his discussion.

It’s not a promo that wows you, but it does let you understand the thought process that went into the software’s design and also Hill’s thoughts on how to use the it.

4 thoughts on “The Art Of Analog Emulation

  1. Not using protools the product is obviously not for me. But I agree; this isn't merely a promo, there's actually stuff to be learned here. Very cool video!

  2. Too bad it's only for ProTools. This video really makes me want to try out the technology described on the next recording and maybe some older ones to really hear the difference. Great video, this guy knows his stuff and finds a good middle ground between being technically accurate in what he explains and understandable for those who don't have a signal processing or electronics background. I wish all "demo" videos were likes this.

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