Trance Music Production Tips

This set of videos, by TranceMusicMastery’s Scott McLean, offers trance music production tips.

The first video, above, looks at how to create a trance arpeggio by hand using Ableton Live, Native Instruments Massive, and a sound set from Adam Szabo.

Next up, McLean looks at creating trance music basslines.

Next up, a tutorial on creating a trance pluck sound, like the one heard in Cosmic Gate’s Barra.

If you like McLean’s trance music production tips, look for more videos on his YouTube page.

4 thoughts on “Trance Music Production Tips

  1. COOL!

    Wonderful stuff in here, thanks so much for sharing. Sure, some of those items (like the first where builds up with a mere c chord) looks very simple. But its "simple" examples and ideas which can actually help you build up your work.

    I'm not a fan of trance music so to speak (as in; not going out to dance fests and such) but I do like several numbers and I really like some of those specific trance sounds. Got myself the free 'TranceDrive' VST just because of that. Alas; never done much with it apart from enjoying the sounds as a "fill up" on some sound scape ideas but this is something I'll be trying out later on for sure!

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