Deckadance Tutorial Videos

This collection of Deckadance tutorial videos cover:

  • Getting started with Deckadance
  • Deckadance file and folder management
  • Setting up BPM
  • Setting up and using cue points in Deckadance
  • Looping, leaping and realtime loop control

In addition to this Deckadance tutorial videos, you can access written Deckadance tutorials online at the Image Line site.

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3 thoughts on “Deckadance Tutorial Videos

  1. I love Deckadance, and these tutorial videos help others to realise just what a versatile tool it is (especially in VSTi mode).

  2. Hi! I am new to the digital dj business but found the need to start after watching a Dj use Vertual Dj, i got myself a deckadance dj kit about a week ago and i have the same problem everytime i start it up, it plays the already loaded demo track all choppy until it freezes up. i have a problem loading files from my external hard drive so i am unable to get started, please can you help me ?

  3. Drop in to the Image-Line support forums. You probably just need to tweak your audio settings, use ASSIO4ALL and increase the buffer length. The manual has details too.

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