The Power Of MIDI

This presentation, via Leodorain, takes a basic look at the power of MIDI – what it is and how it can be used for arranging.

This MIDI tutorial covers:

  • What is MIDI?
  • Getting a MIDI file
  • Importing MIDI
  • Replacing channels with samplers
  • Changing the color of notes
  • (Strings) Notes out of register
  • Articulation markers
  • Velocity

The information is basic, focusing on an introduction to arranging with MIDI.

4 thoughts on “The Power Of MIDI

  1. LOL…the irony..

    The guy talks about the legality of using MIDI files, and
    instructs the listener to ensure the files they are downloading
    are legal, but the instructor in the video is using pirated FL Studio
    cracked by UNION.

  2. The headline is misleading. This seems to be a tutorial for a specific program. And BTW, not only FL Studio calls it velocity for those who don't already know. 😉

  3. Image-Line contacted me about the UNION thing. I gave them my account name. They know I have a licensed version. In addtion, they said I don't have to take the video down, but that I have to censor the word UNION in the video. Once I re-upload, the current video posted here may not be available.

    Just in case, my Youtube username is Leodorain.

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