Sonata for Unattended Buchla

via Giorgio Sancristoforo, “a study for a self composing patch” with a mini Buchla 200e modular synthesizer system.

No MIDI or sequencers or overdubs were used. Everything was triggered and controlled by the 266e Source Of Uncertainty module in realtime. The patch can play for infinite time, with an incredible number of permutations.

9 thoughts on “Sonata for Unattended Buchla

  1. The oil-and-kaleidoscope graphics were an irritating distraction from watching the Buchla do its thing, but I'd love to think that my homebrew modular would be capable of something similar when it's finished!

  2. Perhaps, but I do believe I'm yet to hear anyone make something resembling a typical melody on these things, which IMO makes them very, very, very expensive novelty noise boxes. If there are examples out there they must be few and far between.

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