New iPhone Loop Sequencer

iPhone Music Software:  LoopXtreme (App Store link) is a new music creation and editing tool for iPhone and iPod Touch.

LoopXtreme lets you create loop-based music using a combination of looped samples and drum machine style input.

See the demo, below, and the feature list for details.

If you’ve used LoopXtreme, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!


  • Fifteen pads for triggering sound samples using three trigger modes, Single shot, Play while Touch and Loop.
  • User control for each individual pad of:
  • Volume, Stereo pan, Equalisation, FX send level and mute.
  • Low pass or High pass filter with individual cutoff control per Pad.
  • Sample start and end points and sample pitch for Single shot and Play while Touch modes.
  • Sample group for Loop mode.
  • Loop sounds play in time even if they have different tempos.
  • Preview sounds before load with beat and tempo syncronisation.
  • All sounds stay in time with tempo changes using pitch shifting.
  • Realtime linear pad touch recording. You can record your tune from start to finish in one pass.
  • Record fader movements with playback automation.
  • Easy navigation to anywhere in your song using the NAV bar, song markers and transport controls.
  • Pattern Editor to easily edit your song data including:
  • Four clipboard editing stores for delete, erase, copy and paste using insert, merge and overwrite options.
  • Editing of pattern data for all pads or selected pads including slider automation data.
  • Set Song Loop points.
  • Export finished mix or part of to wav file and export via WiFi.
  • Export live sounds to wav file.
  • Three pattern record quantise levels.
  • Pattern record undo.
  • Sound Library of Single shot and loop samples.
  • Eight sound banks to organise your sounds in.
  • Demo songs to get you started.
  • WiFi file transfer for wavs and created songs.
  • Save complete song or just your sample kit.
  • Auto loading of your last project.
  • Audio wav output rendered to 16Bit Stereo 44.1KHz.
  • Supported wav loading 16/24Bit, Mono/Stereo, 44.1KHz.

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