Preview Brian Eno’s New Album, Small Craft On A Milk Sea

This is the track 2 Forms Of Anger, from Brian Eno’s new release, Small Craft On A Milk Sea.

If you’re expecting a relaxing moment of ambient bliss, sorry. Watch out for the No Wave guitar at 2:10.

The album, a collaboration with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams, will be available Nov 2, 2010, on Warp Records. See for details.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Track List:

  • Emerald and Lime
  • Complex Heaven
  • Small Craft on a Milk Sea
  • Flint March
  • Horse
  • 2 Forms of Anger
  • Bone Jump
  • Dust Shuffle
  • Paleosonic
  • Slow Ice, Old Moon
  • Lesser Heaven
  • Calcium Needles
  • Emerald and Stone
  • Written, Forgotten
  • Late Anthropocene

10 thoughts on “Preview Brian Eno’s New Album, Small Craft On A Milk Sea

  1. what do you mean finally?? eno started out playing rock music in the 70s… he did lots of stuff as an artist and also produced a bunch of key bands from that era – he was a pioneer for new wave and punk

    anyways it sounds good im looking forward to it

  2. Even though I have historically been a fan of the work Eno does for others, I often enjoy hearing his own work when he's not constrained by commercial limitations by working with other artists to help them sell their products. I am a big Eno fan and i've always admired his works in the past with other uninhibited artists (i.e. Bowie, Talking Heads, NIN,) and this sounds like something that could very well work in a very limitless arena. Sounds wicked awesome and I am looking forward to hearing what the rest of the album has in store.

  3. Some of the most exciting music I have heard in ages! Lives in a genre all its own, original, thoughtful, rich, brilliant!

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