Using An iPhone As A Synth Effects Processor

Synthesist Erik Norlander, of Sonic Reality, demonstrates using AmpliTube iRig as an effects processor for his Yamaha Motif synthesizer, in this this official IK Multimedia demo video.

Amplitube iRig is a $39.99 audio adapter designed to let you connect guitars and audio gear to iOS devices. Paired with Amplitube for the iPhone/iPad, which are available in free and commercial versions, the software/hardware combo makes a pretty cheap multi-effects processor.

via ikmultimedia

6 thoughts on “Using An iPhone As A Synth Effects Processor

  1. all these posts about iphone synth apps make me wonder if there's ANYBODY on this iPlanet who made a research about the audio quality of "sound" apps for the iphone – i mean – do we have to take these apps seriously as real audio programs or simply as "portable" gimmiks? i tend towards the second…but maybe i'm wrong?

  2. jameslewin

    sorry i thought it was obvious that my question was rethorical …

    in the example above i don't see the point in using an iphone as an effect unit that sounds like crap – besides portability – but if you're into portability you wouldn't carry around a yamaha motif. This video simply doesn't make ANY sense to me…

  3. I still think the whole iPhone as a synth or guitar amp simulator thing is really lame, I mean it's you're Telephone people.

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