Rare Vangelis Interview


YouTube user Nimanty shared this re-edited and remastered version of a 1984 interview with Vangelis.

The interview, Vangelis: The Man And His Music, captures Vangelis around the time of his early career peak (Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire) at Nemo Studios.

In the course of the interview, Vangelis talks about how he discovered his interest in music, his thoughts on creating music and plays many unreleased pieces of music.

Part 2 of the rare Vangelis interview below.


6 thoughts on “Rare Vangelis Interview

  1. Vangelis is the man. I always amazed at how he can just burp out something and it sounds awesome.

    I'm hoping that, at some point, he will release some of the gems that haven't see official releases.

  2. Casio CS80 was his synth of choice cos you can hear him use it a lot cos of his expressive aftertouch.

    His recent CDs are crap though, Direct was his last great work.

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